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Love & attention.

Testimonials are super weird, huh?

Will is like an explosion of colour.

He’s arguably one of the most amazing, inspiring and talented people in both our industry, and the wider community.”

Work with him. You will not regret it.

Charlie - Charlie Gleason, Lead Designer, Heroku

Will is my wild-card.
He delivers, without fail, every time.”

Jase - Dr. Jason Fox, Keynote Speaker of the Year

Will has a formula for producing great work: he understands your needs, spins them around and makes you articulate them better. Then he meticulously, relentlessly and rapidly executes on this knowledge.”

Jase - Oliver Yiptong, AirBnb.

Practically all situations benefit
from Will’s involvement.”

buddy - Frenchie. Dear friend, InfoSec, VC and People Geek.

Working with Will was a true pleasure. He ensures everyone feels important and valued. He’s a natural leader that I would be willing to work with and for anytime.”

Simon - Simon Court, Hackathon collaborator @ Startup Weekend.

An hour of talking to Will was more valuable than months of conversations with other people. He is honest, funny, astute and unbelievably generous.”

Melissa - Melissa Ng, Founder, Melewi

Put simply, Will is incredible. In his role as a mentor Wills honesty, openness and kindness know no bounds. Despite his endlessly jam-packed schedule he always took the time to help & relate.

This combined with his extensive expertise and uncanny ability to give empathetic advice, make him second to none.”

Tim - Tim Grut, Fitzroy Academy student

Will is one of those rare talents who eclipses any competition. We have done several projects together under extreme pressure, during which times he has never failed to deliver anything less than astounding results.

buddy - Michelle Steigerwalt, Software Framework Architect.

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If you’re into testimonials, take one from me:

Luke Giuliani is my dearest friend, and partner in crime.

He’s also probably the most committed, ethical, and blisteringly intelligent person you’ll ever meet. Take any opportunity to work with him.