Hi, I’m Will Dayble.

I blurt keynotes at big companies and start little ones.

In my spare time, I don’t have any.

Will is arguably one of the most amazing, inspiring and talented people in both our industry, and the wider community.

Work with him. You will not regret it.”

Charlie - Charlie Gleason, Head of Product, Unbound
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I just want to say how inspiring your talk was and thank you for contributing. You were definitely the best speaker all weekend.”

Amelia - Amelia Jones, OakTree Innovation Masterclass
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I blurt keynotes and do workshops along these themes:

Digital: Where the internet / mobile is taking us and resulting horizon questions;
Disruption: What the buzzwords actually mean, when to be scared, and what it means for leadership folks;
The geek approach: How tech people solve problems, and what learnings we can transfer to standard businesses / leadership issues (i.e. methodology, process, culture);
User Experience Design: Designing products for end users, user centric design / design thinking / digital + mobile-first platforms;
Getting things done: The subtle art of making real things happen instead of writing business plans;
Innovation Culture: Why are some companies innovative and some not? The artefacts, rituals and behaviours of innovation;
Social impact: Doing good while doing well, within a business context, for measurable social impact;

Will makes the tech piece accessible
& meaningful to leadership.”

Jason - Dr. Jason Fox, Motivation Scientist
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Will is an experienced speaker, covering topics from entrepreneurship and education to open innovation and technical trends, in formats ranging from high-profile keynotes to executive roundtables.

Anchored in a decade of gritty entrepreneurial and digital experience, Will delivers honest, direct, and thought provoking experiences for small and large audiences.


Will is an experienced speaker, covering topics from entrepreneurship and education to open innovation and technical trends, in a wide range of formats from high-profile keynotes to intimate masterclasses and executive roundtables.

Anchored in a decade of gritty entrepreneurial, social impact and digital work, Will delivers refreshingly honest, direct, and thought provoking experiences for small and large audiences alike.

In 2007 he founded Squareweave, a digital agency that helps social impact organisations do digital better. More recently, he’s a founder at online / offline education platform The Fitzroy Academy of Getting Sh!t Done, and Sotto Electric, an electric car retrofit company.

In his charitable life, Will helped create and fund The Cowalition of The Willing, a not for profit NGO that levers small-plot farming families in Cambodia out of poverty with debt-free loans, financial literacy, and cows.

His clients include banking and telco giants, large and small charities, and a slew of startups across the world.

He sits on the boards of a few Australian social enterprises and mentors numerous young people in local and international startup communities.

In his spare time, Will doesn’t have any.

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Speaker rider

First off, thanks for having me. It’s always a real honour, and I know we are all excited to create a top-quality, energetic event that people remember fondly for a long time afterwards.

Here are some simple requirements and suggestions that will help us to create a great atmosphere, and prevent a few common misunderstandings and technical glitches.

Please read this carefully, and get in touch if I can help out in any way.


First up: I will not speak at any event with only male speakers, nor will I be part of a panel with only male presenters. This is non-negotiable.

If you’re putting together an event and want some diversity, hit me up and I can possibly help you source some great people!

Audio visual

I generally use my own laptop and clicker, and have my own VGA and DVI cable adaptors (I use a recent MacBook Air). If I must use your presentation tech, please ensure we are using an up to date version of Keynote, with a quality clicker ahead of time.

I do not usually require sound output. I will let you know ahead of time if I do.

My laptop - or the speaker monitor - should be positioned to the side of the stage, within easy view of the most distant place I will be standing on the stage. I move around a lot.

For groups of more than about 20 people I prefer a wireless lavalier or head mic. I dance about and wave my arms, which doesn’t work with a handheld mic and is impossible behind a podium.

Have a clear, open stage area. I don’t hide behind podiums or sit on chairs, so we don’t need any of those things on the stage during my talk.

Tech glitches are never fun, so I will work with your tech team on an A/V check, preferably 20-30 minutes before I go on stage.

Slides and handouts

I do not convert my presentations to any standard template. My slides are purposefully crafted for each event, to match the content I deliver on the day.

I will happily supply you with a copy of my slides in PDF format to distribute to delegates after the event, just ask.

I retain ownership of all material I produce, and will sometimes make slides or working material available for download online after the event.

Feel free to take pictures before and during events, but please no flash photography during my talk, I am easily distracted.

Unless specifically agreed before the talk, you don’t have my permission to record, distribute or resell my talk or any of its material.

Speaking topics

Every presentation is unique, and requires me to speak at some length to someone at your end about the goals of the event. More than one perspective is most valuable.

While I have created a list of speaking topics I can touch on, I use up-to-the-day relevant information in each talk and jump between a few topics. This means I can’t give my slides much more than a few days before the talk is scheduled.

I will not wear a suit and I will probably swear a few times.


To build anticipation and to give time for a thorough audiovisual check, it’s best to schedule a short break before I hit the stage. At the least, ask the event MC to get the audience to stand up and move around.

Scheduling a break directly after my presentation means people can share “aha” moments and discuss things they just learned. This is where knowledge cements.

Airlines can be screwy, so when possible I like to arrive the night before the event, and rest well. Please arrange or recommend a non-smoking room close to the venue.

I like to speak to any executives and stakeholders before the event. Dinner the night before is lovely. This helps me to tune in with the group and their goals.

If you’d like me to hang around and be sociable afterwards, let me know. Often, the best learning happens in conversations after the main event is all wrapped up.

Tip: Overbooking a small room is much better than rattling around in a big one, and can have a big impact on how delegates remember the success of the event.

An hour of talking to Will was more valuable than months of conversations with other people. He is honest, funny, astute and unbelievably generous.”

Melissa - Melissa Ng, Founder, Melewi

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